Is there any value to the things we passing by? The easiness of rejection is a sign of the times, an over-consuming society’s habit, or instruction given by human nature? Whatever we characterize ”trash” has it really exhaust all the possibilities of usefulness? In times of crisis, like the one we are experiencing nowadays, should we re-estimate the value of things, even the trash, not only the utilitarian but also the artistic one. Overcoming for example the notion that leftovers do not ”deserve” to be photographed, what kind of expressive possibilities could one discover, in his effort to establish a contact with this neglected world? The concept of recycling, so much used nowadays, could it have, besides physical artistic dimension as well? A kind of artistic recycling? Consequently, the view of many people, that the crisis can be an opportunity rather than an obstacle to the creation, could it be true?

There is a perception that all things have value, all without exception, if one bothers to find out. The leftovers on the plate when the meal is over, that without second thought end up in the garbage, what are the chances to hide something interesting? Today in a society of capitalism and the logic of abundance and beautification of all, how ready is the man to look straight at the ugliness?